Selecting Quality Over Historic Branding on the planet Food Game

On the planet food game, obtaining a ‘name’ for any method is a gold-mine. I am not speaking about regular ‘brands’, like Coca-Cola or Danone, whose perceived brilliance is based on million-pound promotional initiatives and sophistication-leading branding and marketing. I am speaking concerning the subtler, subconscious dominance of geographical ‘world brands’, like wines from Champagne or La Rioja or cheeses like Feta or Manchego.

These brands arise largely from the recognized historic inclination for particular areas to stand out at producing a particular product, whether it is wine, cheese, grain or biscuits. Gradually, the region becomes symbolic of the merchandise, like La Rioja for Spanish red wines. Lately, available era, is is just about the norm for creating areas to try and cement their competitive advantage and exclude newcomers towards the market by creating various quality standards, producers’ associations and marks of guarantee of origin – in Spanish food production, for instance, the ‘Denominacion de Origen’ (DO) is used to countless different products, from wine to artichokes, from beans to turron.

The DO is mainly positive for that consumer, encouraging good standards being produced and avoiding falsely labeled products. However, the efforts of DOs, producers associations and native export consortiums to advertise their brand might have a general negative impact on consumer psyche, compounding the concept that only one sort of method is worth buying and restricting the perceived choice. Within the United kingdom, where Spanish meals are only beginning to create a reputation for itself, consumers tastes stray little in the well-known classics – wines are from La Rioja, cheese is Manchego, anything else is chorizo. But occasions, tastes and production methods change and just what might have been the very best (or only) product 200, 100, 50 or twenty five years ago, may not be. You’re ready to start ignoring the historic bias and branding and begin searching legitimate quality.