Do you know who the man Richard Zahn is?

Getting to the top is not easy. One of the right ways to reach a higher height is to ensure that you welcome or take someone who has been able to achieve it all or even more. When that is done, you get to know more. Richard Zahn is one man with so much to offer in terms of experience, education, and training for you to tap into. So, getting in contact with him is a good experience to have. Since he has been able to achieve a lot, he will motivate you better. With all that he is into, he is also a family man. He has seen a lot of ups and downs in life. However, he stands tall today to show that no matter what one goes through, achieving success is possible if there is a focus.

He has earned a lot of degrees

During the years 2011 to 2012, he chose to make that vital move to add more to his accomplishments. He chose to enroll at the University of Notre Dame. Most people close to him didn’t understand this move. This is because they felt he had so much to be proud of. However, he saw something else. This enrollment was after he gathered construction business experience. It is this that pushed him positively to obtain his Degree in business at the University of Notre Dame. With the right details gathered at this university, he made very clear moves. He decided to start his investments in some other property development firms that had just started coming in. This is where he chose to see the world of real estate investment properties. That has indeed been beneficial. You should be well prepared to ensure all your aspirations and dreams come true. This is the one thing that keeps Richard going in life.

Know more about him

  1. After graduating from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Academy, he worked for the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office for five years, eventually rising to the ranks of Patrol Captain and Commander of the SWAT team. In addition to many other courses and training sessions, he has successfully completed the US Air Marshall Academy’s “Flying Armed” program.
  2. After serving in the US Army for 12 years, he successfully completed US Army Basic Training, the Airborne School, and the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School – Psychological Operations.
  3. IFR, CE500, CE650 Citation, Multi-Engine, Instrument Rated Pilot, Aviation—FAA licenses with endorsements for complex and high-altitude aircraft, tail draggers, multi-engine seaplanes, jet and jet turbine aircraft, graduates of the bush aircraft school, and PIC, or Pilot in Command. There have been 4380 hours in all. It comes down to 4380 hours in all.


Not everyone who goes through the setting of military training achieves the level of perfection that Richard Zahn did. This is one of the reasons he is respected by so many. He has demonstrated to the world that military training is beneficial and does not detract from life. Furthermore, he has attained this level because he has chosen to take life seriously.