6 Foolproof On Decorating Your Home Office Space

Social isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic has increased the number of professionals working in the home office system. Probably, many companies will keep some professionals working from home even after the crisis is over, as it is an economical solution that offers more quality of life for employees.

Below, we list 6 tips for decorating the place in the house chosen to function as your office. Having a specific place to work and being isolated from the people who live with you is essential to maintaining your productivity rhythm. You can learn more on office decoration on https://cwtower.com/th/uncategorized-th/how-to-take-notes-effectively/

Ergonomic Chair

The chair must be chosen observing ergonomic criteria; if it matches the decor, it will be a bonus. You will need to spend many hours in a row in this chair; it is essential to have height adjustment, keep your spine straight, and support your arms at elbow height. Pay attention to the height of your head on the computer screen to be comfortable throughout the hours.


Interestingly, the home office table is neither too big nor too small. If it’s big, it can become a point of accumulation for unnecessary items, but if it’s small, it can make your work uncomfortable. The table should allow you to keep the mouse and keyboard at the same height and keep the computer at least an arm’s length away from you.

To avoid neck pain, the ideal thing is that the computer screen is below your line of vision, so you don’t have to look it up for hours. Leave only what is useful on your desk, such as pens and documents that you will use during the workday.

Lighting For Home Offices

Having good natural lighting is essential to stay focused and not strain your eyes to do your activities. If possible, leave your table next to a large window. The balcony can be a good alternative, having the advantage of being a well-ventilated space. Remember that it is essential to keep yourself isolated from the routine of the other people who live with you; if this is not possible, adopt the use of headphones.

Frame Or Poster On The Wall

Is your desk positioned facing the wall? The tip for not falling into the doldrums – since you won’t have colleagues at the tables next to you – is to have a poster or a board with an image that is inspiring for you. It could be a photo of a place you want to travel to or a phrase of encouragement to stay productive throughout the day.

Wall To Keep Your Home Office Organized

A mural on the wall in front of the table or on the side can help you not get lost in a large number of tasks and make up the professional environment in your home in an interesting way.

Personal Decorative Item

While it’s nice to forget you’re indoors, it’s nice to have a personal decorative item in your office. It can be a frame with a different shape, a frame with a family photo, or even an action figure of a character you like. This makes the environment have your face and become more inviting and pleasant.